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All statements and assertions contained herein may be subject to literary devices not limited to: irony, metaphor, allusion and dripping sarcasm. Quick Navigation Misc. He started by just walking laps around his building and drastically cut his calories for a calories in, calories out diet. Though he found success, he still had to fight his biggest battle—cravings. Almost immediately after he started becoming a bit more active and paying attention to his calorie count Combs began to see results, even if they were slow and steady.

Of course, Combs is also well-versed in both the plateau and the holiday downfall that comes with attempting to regain your health. This year, Combs said, he gained back about 30 pounds during the Christmas season. Unfortunately, I have pain in my knees and back from carrying plus pounds for so long, but it's nothing like it used to be. I now run 5k's and a quarter marathon , which is something I never envisioned for myself, and I can now go out and enjoy going places with friends without getting winded after five minutes.

Weight loss is as much mental as it is physical. Cut your calories to make sure you're at a healthy deficit and do exercise that you're comfortable with. Once you start to feel good, change it up a little and just keep going from there. Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. And so we came up with her go small question and her go small question was simply if I knew that I would be loved and unconditionally accepted no matter what, what would I do?

And so that was her question.

When she walked into a room of strangers she would ask herself, if I just knew that in any given moment I was unconditionally loved and accepted what would I do? And if you really got that like a deeper level to just intellectual if you really walk into a room and said, I am loved.

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What is really threatened if I am truly unconditionally loved and accepted? And the answer is nothing. Aziz: That was really powerful, man. I mean really I did poach right on that nerve and so when you setup that question like that what it does is it meets that need already. So much of our behavior is based on trying to make sure that people like us.

Jason: Yeah, yeah.

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I love the way you said that and one of the words you said that really kind of perky up my chair was about preserving like what do I need to preserve? Like what do I need to stockpile? You can give all of that love. Like this is more about personal shrinkage and going small. One in four hundred trillion. And yet we still have issues about self-worth and that we need validation from the outside. You were born enough. Aziz: Absolutely.

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I love that, I mean anything that can give us that broader perspective we can get so wrapped up in the games we play, right? The was I funny enough in that one conversation game and I mean it is the smallest slice of a moment in our lives which in itself is a small slice in human history which is an incredibly small slice in the world history. And I mean I love to get that perspective by kind of expanding hours in my awareness to think about something like the Hubble Deep Field which is measuring, you know. Have you heard about that one?

Aziz: Neil deGrasse Tyson is his name. And in it they saw 10, galaxies that are the size of our own and galaxies are you know billions or trillions. We are that and that is the same thing that our planet is part of that and the trees and the water and the stones and us and all other life is all part of this thing and so anything that we can do I mean that to me helps melt some of the self-worth stuff is because, you know, would you look at a rock or a tree and be like oh that tree sucks.

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What are you talking about? Jason: Yeah. If we walk around a earth with this proverbial parking garage ticket waiting for somebody to validate it, right?

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While walking around, do you validate? Do you validate? And nobody can validate or invalidate us. The opposite of worthiness in my mind is not worthlessness.

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The opposite of worthiness is dead. Aziz: This is so good. And you know that there it is. The difference between you being an owner or being a leader of self as I call it being a self leader and being a victim if the level of importance and seriousness that you put into them having that thought about you. Jason: And the same thing happens with us. My version of winning is actually like a day cocaine binge that…. No strippers or hookers? Just cocaine? And first of all, the level to which that person thinking X hurts you is the fact that you think X about yourself on some level.

Aziz: But even then I mean we have thousands, tens of thousands of thoughts going through our head every day and all of us have been sitting there next to someone and like judge them and then another part of us is like judging ourselves for judging them. Because I have been into lucid dreaming for a long time in my life. Are you familiar with lucid dreaming? Aziz: I just had one last night actually.

I was able to do it and I was falling and I was catching myself and flying.

Whatever you want to do. Jason: Okay. Especially because you said that I was like debating whether I want to say this. So, you made it. You said it was a joke. Jason: I was moderately successful. I was flying and then I had to catch myself. I was moderately successful. Aziz: Yeah.