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Create Columns 7. Add Headers and Footers 7.

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Insert Comments 7. Insert Footnotes and Endnotes 7. Insert Page Numbers and Page Breaks 8. Reviewing and Printing Documents 8. Find and Replace Text 8. Check Spelling and Grammar 8. Work with AutoCorrect 8. Use the Thesaurus 8. Track and Review Document Changes 8. E-mail a Document 8.

Change Paper Size 8. Print an Envelope III. Excel 9. Building Spreadsheets 9. Enter Cell Data 9. Select Cells 9. Faster Data Entry with AutoFill 9. Add Columns and Rows 9.

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Delete Columns and Rows 9. Resize Columns and Rows 9. Turn On Text Wrapping 9. Center Data Across Columns 9. Freeze a Column or Row 9. Remove Data or Cells Worksheet Basics Assign Worksheet Names Delete a Worksheet Add a Worksheet Move a Worksheet Copy a Worksheet Format the Worksheet Tab Color Find and Replace Data Sort Data Filter Data with AutoFilter Insert a Comment Track and Review Workbook Changes Change Page Setup Options Understanding Formulas Create Formulas Define a Range Name Reference Ranges in Formulas Reference Cells from Other Worksheets Apply Absolute and Relative Cell References Understanding Functions Apply a Function Total Cells with AutoSum Audit a Worksheet for Errors Formatting Worksheets Change Number Formats Change the Font and Size Increase or Decrease Decimals Change Data Color Adjust the Cell Alignment Control Data Orientation Copy Cell Formatting Add Borders Format Data with Styles Assign Conditional Formatting Create a Chart Move and Resize Charts Change the Chart Type Change the Chart Style Change the Chart Layout Add Axis Titles Format Chart Objects Add Gridlines Change the Chart Data IV.

PowerPoint Presentation Basics Create a Presentation with a Template Build a Blank Presentation Change PowerPoint Views Creating Slides Add and Edit Slide Text Change the Text Color Change the Text Style Change the Text Alignment Set Line Spacing Assign a Theme Change the Slide Layout Add a New Text Object Add Clip Art to a Slide Add a Chart to a Slide Add a Table to a Slide Move a Slide Object Outlook organises more than your mail. The colour scheme of Office can feel relentlessly cheerful but the bright colours work well for colourcoded categories, which replace the unmemorable coloured flags of and update the seldom-used category feature.

The flags are now reminders: right-click and you can remind yourself to deal with a message. You can still choose a specific hour and minute but we prefer the today, tomorrow, this week and next week options that mirror the way people think about work. The new look of Office takes up more room than just having a menu bar, although not more than having a few toolbars up.

If you sacrifice a little space in your Inbox for the To-Do Bar you'll see your next few appointments - including things you've been invited to and haven't yet seen in your email - and the tasks you've flagged. This is the time and task management most PIMs promise, delivered effectively and simply; where Microsoft gets it right, that's the real advantage of Office.

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Annoyingly, you can't sort the tasks so that 'Today' is at the top - either 'This Week' or tasks that aren't tagged with a specific date get in the way. Word doesn't only use the ribbon to make sense of existing tools; galleries organise new effects, from document building blocks to themes to SmartArt. Building blocks include pre-built objects like pull quotes and your own selections, so you can save your address and signature and drop them into a document rather than starting from a fixed template.

Themes combine font, layout and colour styles so you can quickly get the same look and feel in different documents. Paragraph styles are simplified, although there's still room for improvements. SmartArt doesn't only power the range of diagrams the ribbon button offers, you also get a range of effects on shapes and charts including reflections and translucency that look like you've had a graphic designer helping you out.

Excel gets the same art effects for charts and graphics; PowerPoint gets those same powerful charts and can even use SmartArt for bullet points. Themes simplify getting the same look across a presentation without resorting to master slides, but if you do there's now hierarchy of masters with templates for picture slides, chart slides and other layouts. This is the simplest approach PowerPoint has ever tried for using and customising templates. Excel does the obvious catching up: bigger worksheets, 64 levels of sort, 2GB of memory, unlimited cells in formulas, unlimited format types.

Sorting and filtering is more powerful, checkboxes make it easy to construct a custom filter and you can sort by cell or font colour. There's an option to remove duplicate rows based on specific columns. As you scroll through a long table you see the header rows at the top of the sheet without having to split and freeze the screen. Calculated columns are simpler than array formulas for repeating a formula in every row of your table, and a total row can now show other options like sum, average, count or your own formula.

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Even PivotTables are a little easier to work with - again you use checkboxes to select fields as well as still using drag and drop. Excel finally gets styles for formatting cells so you don't have to re-apply font, colour, alignment and the rest one by one. The new visual annotations are a standout feature that make conditional formatting easy and effective; you can use colour or icons to highlight high and low values in a large set of numbers without needing a separate chart. You can still record macros, though the option is a little buried on the View tab and the full macro options are on the Developer tab which you have to choose to turn on.

Putting a new interface on Access doesn't make it any easier to understand the complexities of relational databases and it's still a tool that shines for developers rather than casual users, but it doesn't mean that Access makes it harder either and novices have a chance to succeed.

Instead of starting with a blank screen there's a useful set of templates - from project tracking to technical support tickets - and you get the option to link a database to a SharePoint site straight away, which is still the only real way to publish an interactive database from Access. The ribbon emphasises the natural workflow in designing a database, from creating forms and reports, to linking external data and analysing and extending your database. The visual report designer is far easier to use, and you can build your tables the way you normally would in Excel spreadsheets by adding columns and new list values as you think of them.

Access can also work with Outlook to send out emails, to collect data and populate the database with the answers automatically, saving you a lot of typing and hassle. Putting OneNote into Office Home and Student runs the risk it will be seen as an app purely for education, but it's a powerful way for anyone to store and organise notes: typed, handwritten, copied from documents or 'printed' into the notebook from any application at all.

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This is a major upgrade for OneNote as well; the concept of multiple notebooks means you can split personal and business information or organise any other way that suits you, because you have a hierarchy rather than a flat list that rapidly grew out of control in OneNote Audio recording is still extremely useful, because it time syncs with written notes, although for the audio search to deliver good results means recording at higher quality.

It's much easier to manage the flags you can apply to notes to indicate a question you want to ask, a quote you want to remember or anything else you want to highlight - think of the asterisks and symbols you would draw in notes on paper. For the many OneNote users who have been manually copying documents back and forth to use on both a notebook and a desktop PC, the synchronisation issue is solved elegantly with locally cached files that automatically update in both directions when you get back to the network.

The main drawback in OneNote - and the reason why you won't switch to it for everything except documents you need to pass on to other people - is that the text handling is still inferior. Text is organised in chunks on the page and it's easier to move these than individual words. AutoCorrect works, but you have to enter new corrections by hand in a dialog box rather than right-clicking on them the way you do in Word and no, OneNote doesn't have the ribbon interface, partly because it hasn't been around long enough to build up the cruft of poorly placed options the main applications have acquired.

When you check your spelling you have to mark each correction individually; there's no change all.

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These minor flaws don't mar OneNote too seriously; it's an extremely useful tool for anyone who needs to take notes and deserves a wider audience than just the home and high-end business versions. Show More. Hamid Mahmood at Planning Commission, Govt. Sanjeev Singla.

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Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips.